Pay attention to the Triangle Code Under Your Plastic Packaging

Plastic packaging is a popular choice for carrying, storing, and maintaining the quality and freshness of food and drinks. Come on, check the bottom to find out if the plastic packaging that you are using is safe. Plastic can not be separated from our daily lives. Starting from the use of plastic bags to a place to eat or plastic drinking bottles. Many people use plastic packaging because it is practical, lightweight, can be used repeatedly, and is available in a variety of model and color choices. Understanding the Meaning of Code Letters Under Plastic Packaging If there are many places to eat and drink plastic bottles in your home, try checking the bottom. Usually there will be an arched triangle logo with code numbers 1 to 7 in it. In addition, there are also code letters below the triangle, namely PET or PETE, HDPE, PVC or V, LDPE, PP, PS, and OTHER. That is the plastic raw material code used. Curious as to what the numeric and letter codes mean, and is it safe for the body?
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